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The Noise CD Review

Vocals have always been a high priority for me; the fact is that a lot of local bands have lead singers that would make Bob Dylan cringe. This is not the case on Mollycoddle's fantastic new release. Talented, smart, and atmospheric are words that come to mind in describing Eric Schmider and company's first full-length entitled, Beautiful Californian Failure.
Mollycoddle makes it cool to know how to play your instrument again. This was the rage in the '70s, but quickly went out when bands like Yes, ELP, and the rest of the prog rockers required a Berklee degree to simply listen. Mollycoddle recalls the days of Joe Jackson, Elvis Costello, T-Rex and, may I dare say, The Beatles. This is true in the sense that the selections motivate me into imagining songs that the Fab Four may have written had they stayed together.
Another aspect I love about this record is the instrumental variety. Trumpet, saxaphone, clarinet, cello, and vibes all make appearances. What's more, the guest crew can really play! Lyrically, the themes range from love had, love lost, love sucks and everything in between, including masturbation.
My only critique is the inclusion of the cover of T-Rex's "Cosmic Dancer." It's a good song and Russell Chudnofsky plays a solo that would make Marc Bolan jealous. However, the performance here offers little difference from the Electric Warrior original. With a wealth of great original titles ranging from the danceable "Maintain the Tension" the introspective "Love Is" and the jazz loungy "Physics," "Cosmic Dancer" may have ended upon on the cutting board had Beautiful Californian Failure been a T-Rex record. (Mike Diplomat)