Scoot Magazine #32, Summer 2005
"Beautiful Californian  Failure"
Review by April  Whitney

Eric  Schmider sent in this recording from his band, Mollycoddle. While I was expecting a low-fi recording  from the depths of his garage, I was pleasently surprised by the quality of the songs, recording and the album as a whole. Beautiful Californian  Failure  is  driven  by  memorable melodies. While  it may be more at home in a coffee house instead of Hot Topic, anyone who can appreciate the earnest songs of the early 70's will enjoy this album. Schmider's mellow but present vocal style is similar to that of George Harrison or the underrated Michael Penn, and his songs utilize  his  ability  to connect and tell a story. His cover of T.Rex's "Cosmic Dancer" is more fleshed out and enthusiastic while his fun version of Sam Cooke's "I'll  Come Running Back to You" sounds like  he could be belting it out on the street for tips. The album feels great during  a breakfast on a sunny morning way, not in an Up With People way. Sample the album at the Mollycoddle website: