Mollycoddle is my band. I am Eric Schmider and this will be short. Who reads anymore?

I moved to Boston from Albuquerque, NM. I will die there. Since 1993 I have played in bands with amazing musicians, traveled the western world, had some intense relationships, and discovered that I like to go to libraries.

I made a record (credits are below). I am making another - slowly but surely; I am like a goat.

If you care to know more, write to me.

These people are either on the record or I play with them.

I - Vocals, Guitar

Russell Chudnofsky - Guitar

Joe Klompus, Richard Gates, Matt Tahaney, Nolan McKelvey - Bass

Jefferson Davis, Jamie Anderson - Drums

Aaron Gelb, James Merenda, Timo Shanko - Saxaphone

Nigel Taylor, Mark Berney - Trumpet

Kris Delmhorst - Cello

Lila Sklar - Violin

Dave Aaronoff, Faith Soloway, Jim Jerné - Keys

Good enough for now.